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Discover holistic dentistry: A natural and effective way to improve oral health

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holistic dentistry

Are you looking for a new way to take care of your teeth? Have you heard of holistic dentistry and wondered what it involves? Holistic dentistry is an alternative approach to more natural and holistic dental care. Rufe Snow explains the benefits of visiting a holistic dentist and why it may be a better choice.

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is an alternative approach to dental treatments focusing on the whole patient, not just their teeth and gums.  Dentists consider the patient’s overall health because they believe oral health connects to overall health and well-being.

Holistic dentistry takes a comprehensive look at the patient’s overall health and lifestyle and any environmental factors that may influence the patient’s oral health. Then the dentist provides a personalized treatment plan with the patient’s needs in mind. This approach helps the patient achieve the best oral health and well-being. Holistic dentistry focuses on nontoxic materials for dental treatments and stresses the effects of dental toxins and infections on a patient’s overall health. Holistic dentistry is referred also as biocompatible, biologic, or alternative dentistry.

A holistic approach to dentistry: 7 Benefits of visiting a holistic dentist

Holistic dentists believe that a part of your body can affect or be affected by your teeth. We all know a tooth cavity collects bacteria and germs, and if not treated, it will cause other health problems. So, do materials used in dental treatments with conventional dentistry.

This is why patients with amalgam fillings and other toxic dental materials often complain of autoimmune conditions and other health problems, unaware of the connection with their traditional dental treatment.

Holistic dentists try to replace traditional dental treatments with more natural, non-invasive treatments, such as herbal remedies and diet modification for overall health.

• Holistic dentists believe in preventative care and work with patients to help them maintain good dental hygiene and prevent dental problems from occurring in the first place.

• Holistic dentists are committed to helping patients achieve their overall health and wellness goals, not just their dental health goals.

• Holistic dentists are dedicated to helping patients find natural solutions to their dental problems. They do not use mercury amalgam in their treatments and will remove and replace mercury fillings from previous traditional treatments.

Holistic dentists use treatments tailored to each patient’s needs rather than a “one size fits all” approach. This approach ensures patients get the best possible care for their needs.

• Holistic dentists are well-informed about the latest developments in holistic dentistry and use nontoxic materials whenever possible.

•Holistic dentists consider other treatments or therapies that patients may undergo because of their side effects on oral health and possible complications.

The cost of visiting a holistic dentist

The cost of a holistic dentist varies depending on your needs and the services required. Generally, holistic dental care is more costly than traditional dental care. Some biomimetic materials are more expensive than traditional ones. But they last longer, however, and bring better health outcomes.

Here is a list of some of the average costs of typical holistic dental procedures:

  • Fillings: May cost about $150-$900
  • Crowns: Range from $600 to $3000, depending on the material used.
  • Dental implants: Anywhere between $2000 to $6000 per tooth

Some holistic procedures may be medically unnecessary and not covered by your insurance. It is advisable to ask your insurance company for approval beforehand.

When you visit a holistic dentist, you invest in your long-term health and well-being. Holistic dentists help prevent future dental problems. This saves you money in the long run, as you won’t need costly treatments or replacements for a long time.

Let’s compare holistic dentistry with traditional dentistry

Both types of dentists retain the standards of care set by the American Dental Association. Yet, holistic dentistry and traditional dentistry are two different approaches to dentistry.

  • Traditional dentists focus on existing dental problems of the teeth and gums and treat the symptoms whenever a problem occurs, while holistic dentists aim to treat the underlying issues at their foundation.
  • Traditional dentists do fillings and root canals to treat teeth, while holistic dentists use more natural, non-invasive treatments such as herbal remedies and changes in the diet.
  • Holistic dentists aim to preserve your natural tooth structure and surrounding tissue.
  • Holistic dentists believe that oral health and overall health are related. For this reason, they do their best to minimize your exposure to toxic substances. They use digital computer-generated x-rays to reduce your exposure to radiation and don’t favor the use of fluoride. Holistic dentists always strive to find the safest and nontoxic therapeutic materials available.
  • Holistic dentistry is generally more expensive than traditional dentistry. Many people, however, feel that the benefits of holistic dentistry outweigh the cost.

Holistic dentists are general dentists who use holistic procedures. In some cases, they often combine holistic with traditional dentistry. On the whole, their approach involves alternative treatments.

What holistic dental treatments are available

Gum disease – Holistic dentists treat gum disease with the least invasive and nontoxic option. They perform ozone therapy to kill bacteria that harm the gums and cause inflammation.

Fillings – Holistic dentists perform fillings without dental amalgam for fillings, such as mercury, amalgam, or silver fillings. Instead, they use a mercury-free composite material, zirconia, to fill and protect your teeth.

They aim to prevent tooth decay so that teeth will not need a filling.  They may use lasers for a painless treatment and faster healing, with less healthy enamel removal, if necessary

Root canals – Holistic dentists treat root canals with nontoxic ozone. They may use lasers in some cases to cause minimal damage to the tooth’s structure.

Crowns – Holistic dentists do crowns and bridges when necessary to retain as much of the tooth’s natural structure as possible. They use ceramic or resin composite for crowns and ozone to clean the area. These materials are better for your health and last longer.

Dental implants – Holistic dentists use biocompatible zirconia implants, which adapt better to the jaw bone and don’t cause incompatibility reactions.

Surgeries – In case a patient needs surgery, holistic dentists may use laser dentistry. So, their patients heal faster and experience less pain.

Cosmetic dentistryHolistic dentistry does not deprive patients of a vibrant, beautiful smile. Holistic dentists provide innovative treatments such as invisible braces, veneers, and tooth whitening to give patients a healthy smile.

Teeth extractions – Holistic dentists try not to extract teeth unless necessary. They do everything possible to save as much natural tooth structure as possible.

X-rays –Holistic dentists use digital x-rays to examine the teeth and jaws.

Holistic dentists avoid toxic materials and use biocompatible materials instead. So, if they end up in your body, they do not cause harm.

Other alternative dental treatments

  • Herbal remedies are natural treatments that use herbs to help promote overall health and well-being. The herbal remedies are safe and effective and can treat several dental problems.
  • Diet modifications can help to improve your oral health. Your dentist may recommend changing your diet to include whole, natural foods and limiting your intake of processed, sugary, and acidic foods. This is particularly pertinent to dental health, as your diet controls the vitamins and nutrients required for healthy teeth and gums.
  • Lifestyle changes can have a positive effect on your oral health. Your dentist may recommend quitting smoking, exercising regularly, and managing stress to improve oral health. Lifestyle habits can significantly affect your oral health and cause gum disease and even the development of oral cancers. Holistic dentists can help you reduce and quit harmful habits and prevent adverse consequences.

These are just a few of the holistic dental treatments available. Rufe Snow Dental can recommend what is best for your individual needs.

Holistic dental care for children

Holistic dentistry is not just for adults. Holistic dentists can provide children with natural, non-invasive treatments that can help to promote overall health.

Holistic dentists work with children and encourage them to maintain good dental hygiene habits to prevent dental problems. Holistic dentists are informed about the newest developments in pediatric dentistry and use natural materials that are important for a child’s healthy development.

Holistic dentistry does away with stressful and painful dental procedures. This approach helps children deal with the fear of dental visits. In a proper dental pediatric environment, you can be sure your children will get the best care for their dental health.

There has been an increase in the popularity of a holistic dentistry approach.  Patients understand that holistic dentistry is vital as it recognizes the connection between oral health, overall health, and well-being. Holistic dentists realize that the materials used in dental procedures may end up in your body and build up toxicity or incompatibility, so your general health may worsen.

Contact Rufe Snow Dental today to learn more about the holistic dental approach. Our holistic dentists will show you how to improve your oral health and help you reach a decision.

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