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Almost half of the adults in the United States have some kind of dental fear or anxiety

This is due to no fault of their own.  For many adults this stems from their first childhood dental experiences

My 1st Dentist

It’s all too common to hear people say “My first dentist when I was a kid never used Novocain.”  

These are things that no one should experience in a modern dental office.  They can however, have a lasting impact. 

It is not just you

Dental Phobia ranks in the top 3 phobias

These experiences happen much too often and the results are obvious, as dental phobia consistently ranks in the top 3 phobias in the United States.  These can be triggered by the sound of the drill, sight of a needle, or even the smells of the dental office. 

Luckily, here at Rufe Snow Dental Group, we have tools at our disposal that can make these anxious patients at ease during their dental visits.  These include Nitrous Oxide Sedation, as well as, Oral Conscious Sedation. 

The lowest level of sedation

"Laughing gas"

Nitrous Oxide is typically recommended for patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety.  It is otherwise known as laughing gas.

It is the lowest level of sedation that we use in dentistry.  No, it does not make the patient laugh if used correctly, but it does take the edge off and relax the patient.  The greatest benefit of Nitrous Oxide is that its effects are easily and quickly reversible by turning off the gas and switching the patient to pure oxygen. 

Within minutes, the patients feel completely normal and are able to walk out the door and go about their day. 

Feel very anxious?

Just take the pill

The higher level of sedation that we have at our disposal is Oral Conscious Sedation.  The patient takes a pill, prescribed earlier, at the time of their check in for their appointment. 

 This level of sedation is more profound and long lasting than the Nitrous gas.  The patient would need someone with them to drive them back home following their appointment. 

The patient would also need to take the rest of the day off for the sedative to fully wear off. 

dental experts

Under this level of sedation, the patient can maintain function such as breathing and swallowing, is also responsive and semi-conscious.  There is tremendous reduction in anxiety, memory, and time perception during the procedure. 

The patient can undergo multiple complex procedures, be in the chair for hours, but to them it will seem that they were in there for a fraction of the time, with only a vague memory of the experience. 

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