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We utilize the most advanced technology available

We here at Rufe Snow Dental of North Richland Hills strive to provide the highest quality care, while utilizing the most advanced technology available in dentistry today.  

Highest quality care

No more gooey impression material that gets all over your face and can make you gag!

3-D scan, DryShield technology, latest x-ray technology & Laser dentistry allows us to perform minor gum recontouring procedures quickly 

It all starts with a

3-D scan of your teeth

No more gooey impression material that gets all over your face and can make you gag!  Our scanner can produce extremely precise 3-D digital models of the patient’s upper and lower teeth in as little as a minute without any need for gooey impression material. 

It does this by taking and piecing together more than 50,000 images per second!  Not only are these scans more comfortable for the patient, they are also more accurate.  This scanner can be used to make crowns, bridges, dentures, or night guards.  We can also use it to create a “weather map” of our patient’s bite. 

This can show where the biting forces are excessive and need to be addressed.  It can also be used to show wear or bone loss over time by overlaying new images and previous ones to demonstrate changes. 

Stay open comfortably while having

Fillings and Crowns

We utilize DryShield technology when doing our fillings and crowns.  It helps the patient stay open comfortably, keeps the tongue and cheeks out of the way preventing potential injuries, and gets all the saliva and water out quickly so the patient doesn’t accidentally swallow it. 

We utilize the latest x-ray technology

Available with our CBCT (cone-beam computed tomography) unit.  This is CT scan technology similar to what you would have at the hospital, but optimized for a dental setting.

The result of which is a 3-D x-ray of the upper and lower jaws, as well as the sinuses and the airway.  This image can be rotated and manipulated in the software and is crucial for treatment planning more complex implant cases, as well as, evaluating for sleep apnea. 

Traditional x-rays result in a two-dimensional image of a three-dimensional object.  As you can imagine, a tremendous amount of detail is lost. 

Taking a 3-D x-ray instead, allows us to retain all this crucial detail and fully utilize it in our treatment planning. Ultimately resulting in better outcomes for our patients.  We can have our 3-D x-ray communicate with our 3-D scanner to allow our dental lab to fabricate a guide for our implant placement.

 This guide allows us to place multiple implants more quickly and precisely, resulting in not only a shorter procedure for out patients, but also one with a more favorable prognosis. 

We perform minor gum recontouring via

Laser dentistry

Laser dentistry allows us to perform minor gum recontouring procedures quickly and with minimal post-operative discomfort. 

“Gummy smile,” where an excessive amount of gum is showing, or asymmetry in the contours of the gums can result in teeth that appear to be generally shorter or different lengths from their counter parts on the other side. 

In the past, any gum recontouring necessary was done with a scalpel, which resulted in significant bleeding, healing time, and post-operative discomfort. 

Today, we have the option of performing these same procedures with a laser instead.  Using a diode laser for these procedures results in minimal bleeding, healing time, and post-operative discomfort. 

In many cases the patient does not even need to be numb when using a laser!  In cases when they do, only a small amount of Novocain is needed!

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