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Tooth Whitening that Lasts

Whitening is by far the safest most common cosmetic procedure performed in a dental office.  Studies have shown that in order to achieve the best results most efficiently, in-office whitening has to be followed by an at-home protocol. 


Key success factors

The two key factors in determining the success of the treatment are the concentration of the peroxide (whitening agent)

And the duration of the application.  The higher the concentration of peroxide and the longer it is on the tooth, the better the results. 

4 Good Reasons

To Choose Our Approach

Special whitening agent

We provide you with a special whitening agent to put inside the clear trays and wear for a predetermined amount of time in the comfort of your own home. 

Opalescence Boost

Our office used Opalescence Boost, which is a high concentration hydrogen peroxide gel, as our primary whitening agent.  We make models of your teeth, then use them to make clear plastic trays customized to the exact shape and contours of your teeth. 

At-home course

The benefit of these customized trays is that if and when you do need a touch-up, you don’t have to purchase another system, just whitening gel to place into the trays for a short at-home course of treatment.

We minimize sensitivity

The success factors mentioned above will also result in higher sensitivity.  It is important to minimize sensitivity, without compromising whitening results.  Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen, can significantly reduce sensitivity. 

Teeth have a maximum whiteness beyond which they will not whiten, they also tend to darken over time and will eventually require a repeat treatment.  Dark grey staining is most difficult to whiten, these cases may require veneers to get the teeth to the desired shade

We use the most

"Natural" Crowns

Modern porcelain crowns used in our office do not have any grey, opaque metal in them.  They are completely tooth-colored and allow light to pass through, as it does with natural teeth.  This results in much better color matching to the patient’s other teeth, as well as makes them look more natural, not to mention eliminating the common black line at the gum level present in older type of crowns.

Do I Need Ceramic Crowns?

Crowns, or caps, have been used to preserve teeth for a very long time. Teeth that require crowns are ones with a lot of structure missing. This could be due to extensive decay, or a fracture.

Fillings have their limitations

Once a significant portion of the tooth structure is gone, a full coverage crown in necessary to keep the tooth or a large filling from breaking. Crowns are also necessary whenever a root canal is being done on a back tooth. These teeth have to withstand heavy chewing forces and are typically missing quite a bit of tooth structure, therefore a crown is needed to hold everything together and maintain the integrity and longevity of the tooth.

In the past, the strength necessary had to come from metal. These crowns were a metallic grey color, covered with a thin layer of porcelain to make them look better. These often resulted in an unsightly black line at the gum level.  This is a result of light not being able to travel through these metallic crowns, as it does through our natural teeth. 

Veneers for a bright smile

Veneers are custom made ultra-thin shells of porcelain bonded to the fronts of the teeth.  The idea is to be able to fix heavy staining, gaps, badly shaped, or short teeth, in a conservative way.  In the process, preserving as much enamel structure as possible.  We begin with the end in mind.

What is it that you as a patient is looking to achieve?  Today’s porcelains are light years ahead of those earlier opaque looking chicklets.  They are unnoticeable, highly resistant to coffee, wine, or other staining, while providing a white, natural look. 


Smiling Again

Reach the desirable cosmetic result

A smile makeover is a systemic approach of evaluating and treating a number of teeth together in order to reach the desirable cosmetic result.  The need for this can arise from a number of factors including severe wear, severe decay on most teeth, trauma, missing teeth, or a deep bite. 

Minor spacing and crowding issues can sometimes be resolved using veneers and porcelain crowns.  We always start these cases by discussing what the patient is looking to achieve and begin by having the end in mind. 

Our first step is getting a digital smile mock up, which consists of taking some photographs of the patient smiling.  We are then able to have the teeth in the photograph digitally altered to reflect the patient’s ideal outcome.  This allows us to visualize the discuss and anticipated final result with the patient before we ever begin any work, as well as guide our treatment. 

Rufe Snow dental team applies the best cosmetic dentistry techniques. We can give you the smile of your dreams! Call us today to make an appointment and have all your questions answered.

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